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The 81st KUASS (Kyoto University African Studies Seminar)

“Lifelong learning and sustainable development: play, music & dance- to work transition in contemporary San communities Africa”

The paper looks at San education system as falling within the realm of Traditional African Education which embraces a non-formal curriculum structure and mode of delivery. The presentation is examining the concept of Lifelong learning in the Botswana Kalahari environment, situating the value of San cultural history. The focus is on play, music and dance. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate through illustrations the importance of indigenous learning, training and later life learning through play, music and dance. The paper presents an argument for reconsidering indigenous teaching-learning within the discourse of lifelong learning and sustainable development. Emerging literature suggest that lifelong learning goes beyond the formal school system, including informal learning. San traditional way of life was characterized by hunting and gathering activities, where children were groomed from a tender age to become responsible and independent individuals. Through informal learning children were (and still are) introduced into adulthood chores at an early age. This paper will look at how play, music and dance are significant in the development and growth of children. Evidence from field work show that San children play indigenous games, which are relevant for livelihoods, for instance boys learning how to make bows and arrows for hunting, and girls often portraying motherhood chores. When children are allowed to participate in music and dance at the early stage, they get a chance to socialize with others. Lifelong learning not only enhances social inclusion, active participation, also personal development for sustainable development in future.

Speaker: Dr. Maitseo Bolaane
(Associate Professor, San Research Centre, University of Botswana)
Dineo Peke
(PhD. Candidate, San Research Centre, University of Botswana)

Date: 15:00-17:00, 17th July 2018 (Tuesday)

Venue: Seminar Room (#318), 3rd Floor, Inamori Foundation Building, Kyoto University [MAP]

Language: English
Intended for: All
Admission: Free and No Registration Needed

Co-hosted by:
The 8th Colloquium of Natural History of Landscape Formation [financially supported by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)(Overseas Academic Research) “Natural history of landscape formation in contact zone between hunter-gatherers and agro-pastoralists in Africa” (Primary Investigator: Akira Takada)]

Project Secretariat, “Natural history of landscape formation in contact zone between hunter-gatherers and agro-pastoralists in Africa”
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