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Extramural Special Seminar

“Asia-Africa relations: the way Korean and African cultures encounter”

The South Korean wave, better known as ‘Hallyu’, is a recent cultural phenomenon which attracts the world with its unique style and contents. Emerging from the late 1990, the South Korean wave has occupied world-wide attention and some scholarly works argue that the Korean wave is an alternative cultural movement challenging the dominant ‘traditional’ (Western) cultures (Dal Young, J., 2018; Sook Jong, L. 2009).

A question about the relationship between globalisation and localisation has been one of critical contemporary and scholarly topics, and Hallyu can be perceived as one of local cultural phenomena responding to globalisation. Initially, the spread of Hallyu has been confined geographically only within some Asian countries which share similar cultural norm and values, but now, as the success of Psy and BTS have shown, it becomes a world-wide cultural syndrome. Motivated by these successes, now South Korean government tries to utilize Hallyu as a cultural resource in order to expand Korean soft power influences over the world. However, historically and practically, South Korea's soft power has not been so powerful in Africa. In this article, I will analyse why South Korea's soft powers, represented by Hallyu, does not exert much influence on African continent by examining problems of South Korean international policies towards Africa. To South Korean government, Africa is the last strategic consideration, and that affect over Korea’s soft power strategies over African continent. Alternatively, I suggest the importance of civil societies which could be crucial agents of cultural exchanges between South Korea and African countries.

Keywords: Africa, Hallyu, Soft Power, South Korea, South Korean Wave

Speaker: Dr. Chang Yongkyu

(Director, Institute of African Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea)

Date: 18:00-19:30, 17th December 2018 (Monday)

Venue: KS202 Koshinkan, Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University [MAP]

Language: English
Intended for: All
Admission: Free and No Registration Needed

Institute of International Relations and Area Studies, Ritsumeikan University
E-mail: kokuchi * (replace * with @)

Hosted by:
Institute of International Relations and Area Studies (Ritsumeikan University),
The Center for African Area Studies (Kyoto University),
Graduate School of International Relations (Ritsumeikan University)

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