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pp. 1-61

Ethnobotany of the Lega in the Tropical Rain Forest of Eastern Zaire: Part One, Zone de Mwenga

Faculty of Education, Fukui University
Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles
Ngandu M. MALASI
Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles

   Ethnobotanical research was conducted on the traditional use of wild plants among the Lega slash-and-burn agriculturalists of eastern Zaire. Data on 287 plants were collected and matched with scientific names, vernaculars, botanical observations, uses, and name etymology. This report is the first step in a survey that will involve several research sites in Legaland in an attempt to understand man-plant interrelations in the floral environment of tropical rain forests through the ethnobotanical method.

Key Words: Ethnobotany; Plant utilization; Tropical rain forest; Lega; Zaire.

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