Greeting from Division of African Area Studies

The African continent offers diversity in nature as well as people. Lecturers, researchers, and postgraduate students here at the Division of African Area Studies (DAAS) in ASAFAS spread across this large continent and conduct their research. Although gaining knowledge from literature is necessary, it is our fundamental policy that we should learn from first-hand experience and deeply relate ourselves to communities through fieldwork.

Because of the diversity, the nature and people in Africa offer many attractions. Members of the Division of African Area Studies have repeatedly experienced and learned about new perspectives by encountering such attractions and relativizing existing ways of thinking. Through sharing of such experiences, we have continued to maintain our unique sense of “compathy,” which has been developed from the fact that we all work on research in Africa.

However, it is also a fact that Africa today faces various challenges, including destruction of nature, ethnic conflicts, poverty, and disease. Many international organizations and aid agencies are working to address such issues, but their efforts have not always yielded the desired results. We aim to tackle these issues through a local perspective gained from fieldwork.

We would like to invite those who are interested in African studies to these activities.

Division Head, the Division of African Area Studies