Antinie Chigeda (graduated from ASAFAS at March 2015)

Antinie Chigeda
Hello, my name is Antonie Chigeda from Malawi, a recent graduate in the doctoral program in area studies at the graduate school of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS). I joined ASAFAS in April, 2012. The three years I have spent at ASAFAS have been a journey of self-discovery and academic growth. At first coming from a different cultural background and academic specific discipline, I had challenges adjusting to a culturally diverse environment and the multi-disciplinary focus of research at ASAFAS. However, the intensive exposure to field research methodologies and the strong community emphasis at ASAFAS helped me to easily integrate to the various academic routines and activities at ASAFAS. The multidisciplinary focus of research provided a rich environment to ferment my own ideas about research. I am convinced that the three years spent have developed in me critical thinking and research skills that will go a long way in building my future academic research profile. I leave ASAFAS a happy and fulfilled person.