I am a researcher of the Certer for African Area Studies of Kyoto University in Japan.
My major is ecological-anthropology; I have been carrying out fieldwork with the Rendille pastoralists of northern Kenya since 1998.
I also have a dream to be a documentary photographer as well as a field scientist, travelling around the world, studying local cultures, and photographing beautiful nature and brave local people.

Rendille warrior Jitowa Sun Luhmorogo(right)   My homestay's house under a full moon

Life as nomads

My favourite sports:
mountain-climbing, cycling, motor cycling, diving, kayaking and other outdoor sports.

My favourite cameras:
New-Mamiya6 + Lens 50mm, 150mm (mainly for 6x6 black and white film)
NikonF3, NikonFm2T + Lens Ai-Nikkor 20mmF2.8, 35mmF1.4&F2, 85mmF2, 75-150mmF3.5, 35-200mmF3.5-4.5 (mainly for colour slide film)
NikonD80, D70 + Tokina 12-24mm, Nikkor 18-200mm, Tamron 28-75mm, Tamron Macro90mm, Nikon 80-200mm, Sigma 50-500mm (mainly for documentary and wildlife photograph)
Ricoh-GR1s (great camera for snaps)
Panasonic FZ20 (before I got Sigma50-500mm, this digital camera was used for wildlife photograph)
Canon-Powershot45+ diving housing. (only use for diving)

Olympas U725 (tough gear for outdoor sports)
Sanyo Xacti-HD1A (smart gear for recording)

My favourite books:
Ernest Hemingway "The old man and the sea"
Thor Heyerdahl "The Kon-Tiki expedition"
E.T.Seton "Animal Tracks and Hunter Signs"
Jonathan Scott "Birds" & "Animals"
Naomi Uemura "Seisyun wo Yama ni Kakete (in Japanese)"
Wilfred Thesiger "Vision of a nomad"
Alistair Graham & Peter Beard "Eyelids of Morning"
and "National Geographic Magazine"



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