Supervisors and Departments

At the Division of African Area Studies (DAAS) of the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS) and the Center for African Area Studies (CAAS) of Kyoto University, several rules are in force for the sake of maintaining safety for our research activities in Africa.

University Life

The Division of African Area Studies holds Field School programs in different parts of Africa. Lasting more than a week, these programs aim to give students the tools they need to conduct area studies research.

Academic Resource & Facilities

The division is located in the Inamori Memorial Building in the Kawabata Campus, by the Kamo River. The environment is serene, with relaxing greenery in the landscape, ideal for delving into academic studies.

Research Support Program

Taking trips to Africa for field work and conducting research in Kyoto require a large amount of funding. The Division of African Area Studies has striven to support graduate students and researchers in their research endeavors by providing a variety of aid programs. The following is a list of the Division’s primary research support programs.

Field School

At Kyoto University, the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS) comprises a five-year doctoral program. This study program is designed to enable students to engage in academic research and fieldwork for extended periods of time.


Pre-doctoral Thesis

Doctoral Dissertation

Voices from Alumni

Safety Information for Fieldwork

All faculty members and graduate students are assigned to one of the departments, Political Ecology, Cultural Ecology and Historical Ecology. However, regarding education and research within our division, they are not restricted to their own departments, with all related activities pursued within the division as one unit.